Karl W. Brossard
This 24th March 2016

It was about a decade ago, that I made the acquaintance of Connie at her clinic. Incidentally, that was the first visit of my one long hour session massage therapy. The reason of my visit is the following; chronic pain in the abdomen and back. To say the least my life was miserable and intolerable.

The moment she took me over, the total dexterity of her fingers was sublime, but yet soothing. Honestly, she works with passion, dedication and enthusiasm. From then on, I am a regular client at her "acu-massage" clinic. Nowadays, I can literally say that I am pain free and my quality of life has improved considerably. If you are stressed-out with pain all over your body, Connie is the right person for you. On behalf of my whole family, which includes my wife, my brother and especially my mother, we want to thank her for making our life worth living. My mother had tried different massage therapists during several years, but she prefers her one and only Connie.