Rajko B. Brossard, QC

Having been heavily into sports, over the years, I accumulated quite a collection of injuries; some pretty serious. No MCL and almost no cartilage in my right knee. I have had several torn muscles, overtensed tendons... In short, I virtually couldn't do any sport any longer. 

I tried every possible physiotherapy there is, including some traditional Chinese therapists. Some of them do help. But not for long. Luckily for me, a friend of mine suggested I should visit Connie's clinique. After the first session alone, I was able to do some jogging. Four sessions later I'm like a new man. Doing 10K regularly now.

Connie was able to identify problems I didn't know I had. She treated my ENTIRE body and used a combination of various techniques. She has magic in her hands, I swear.

The clinique itself is very clean, cosy place, and the staff is very friendly. I warmly and highly recommend Acu-Massage.