At the Clinique Acu-Massage C we provide our clients traditional Chinese and Thai massage therapies. We also diagnose problems, in and on the body, and then prescribe a personalized therapy for each individual patient.

Our goal is to heal your body, to restore its functions. To rejuvenate it, in short. Thus, our therapies do not focus solely on the sore points (sprained knee, sore muscle, stiff shoulder etc). Instead, we apply the therapy to the entire body; massaging it slowly, improving the blood flow. You select the pressure level.

Every joint, every tendon, every ligament is treated. Every muscle must be massaged and awakened. If appropriate, we will apply any number of our techniques during therapy sessions; from traditional Chinese massage, through acupressure and acupuncture, to shiatsu and reflexology (foot massage).
In addition, as specialists in Chinese herbs and Naturopathy, we can also recommend and provide our clients with suitable herbs and supplements that help maintain the balance of body functions. 

Our massage specialists are well qualified and practised. Trained and supervised by a seasoned professional of nearly 30 years of experience. She earned her Master’s degree in Public Health (M.P.H.), Health and Physical Education/Fitness at East China Normal University in 1988. Since then, she had successfully run massage therapy clinics in China, Hong Kong, and Montreal.